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US: Coca-Cola were allowed to use the word zero

The American Committee for disputes and appeals in connection with the registration of trademarks has ruled that Coca-Cola company does not have exclusive rights to the word of zero as a trademark, but allowed her to use it for selling diet drinks, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The decision followed in the framework of the dispute between Coca-Cola and its rival Dr Pepper, who has decided to challenge the most popular soda manufacturer to use the word zero even in 2007 year after Coca-Cola was going to register its right to trade marks Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite Zero and Powerade Zero. The company Dr Pepper, which produces the drink Diet Rite Pure Zero, demanded that the regulators did not give the company the right to a monopoly in relation to "ordinary English word in its ordinary English meaning."

Coca-Cola said in response that the zero in the name of the drink is part of its brand.

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