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United States: Thanksgiving Day "robbed" "Black Friday"

Sales growth in the United States on Thanksgiving Day would adversely affect the sales of "Black Friday", said analyst Marshal Cohen of dedicated research environment NPD Group Company.

"I'm doing this 40 years and have never seen such a quiet Friday morning - quoted Cohen Bloomberg. - Thursday robbed on Friday, there is no doubt. "

According to Rakuten, online sales on Thanksgiving Day increased by 14%, and the share of orders from mobile devices in total online sales rose from 37% last year to 41% in this.

Amazon said Friday that orders from mobile devices on Thanksgiving Day last year surpassed the total result of the actual Thanksgiving Day and "Cyber ​​Monday."

According to Rakuten, transmits RNS, the number of visitors to the online store on the eve of Thanksgiving Day has surpassed three times last year's result. Ebay has called for top active purchases from mobile devices in this day and called it "the mobile environment."

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