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The United States put forward a "chicken" claims China in WTO

President of the United States Administration has filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) on China due to the unwillingness of China to remove import duties on US chicken RNS transmits a reference to The Wall Street Journal.

Previously, the WTO ruled that the tariffs that apply China, have been installed improperly.

"Based on our analysis, it is clear that China ignores the rules, and this is unacceptable. Breaking these rules, China undermines the position of working Americans, "- said US Trade Representative Mike Froman.

Proceedings US and China on duties on imports of chicken meat has already lasted for six years. In 2015 the US exported to China just 6,8 thousand. Tons of chicken, turkey and eggs. For comparison, in the year 2009, before the introduction of duties on US chicken exports to China amounted to 330 thousand. Tonnes.

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