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Starbucks announced a record profit and revenue

Starbucks Corporation increased its revenue in the fiscal year 2016 11% to a record - up to $ 21,3 billion, according to a company's financial statements..

Operating profit increased by 16% - up to $ 4,2 billion, earnings per share - to 4%, to $ 1,9.

2042 company opened new stores, including the first coffee shop in Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Andorra, South Africa, Slovakia and Trinidad and Tobago. The number of countries that represent the digging has increased, so to 75. The company's sales increased by 6%, including in the United States - to 6%, in Asia and China - to 3%. The average check in institutions has grown the company to 6%, traffic decreased by 1%.

«IV quarter 2016 fiscal year was the most profitable quarter for Starbucks - and the most profitable part of the year - for over 24 years Starbucks history as a public company," - said Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz coffee chain. "The strength and the state of our business will allow us to re-invest in growth and to pay our shareholders a record $ billion 3,2 2016 only on the basis of the financial year", - he added.

Starbucks Corporation is engaged in roasting and retail coffee beans, as well as develops the eponymous chain of coffee houses. Currently, under the Starbucks brand works 25 085 stores in different countries.

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