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The oldest McDonald's employees more 9o years

The oldest "McDonald's" employee network operates in Singapore. 92-old Goh Eng Gvek working in a fast food restaurant last 18 years and is not going to retire, writes Metro.

She said that she started to work in the "McDonald's", when she left the house children who live on their own. Goh have five children, ten grandchildren, twenty great-grandchildren.

The woman confessed that she sometimes annoying during the intense heat of the fryer, which is preparing french fries. Goh added that colleagues help her if she does not have time to orders.

European officials McDonald`s also not lagging behind Asia. The oldest in Europe employee celebrated 90-anniversary on the job. This is - a resident of North Wales Bill Dudley. He was a veteran of World War II, great-grandfather and former crane operator.

Dudley decided to go to work at McDonalds in Flintshire, when he tired of living in retirement. "I'm sick of hanging around the house, and the wife is not allowed to help her in the garden, so I applied to McDonalds», - said the Briton.

According to Dudley, he works with 12 years, but still loves to come to work. "The spirit of a fantastic partnership, and I'm really lucky that I was surrounded by a great team, which I like a family," - said the veteran.

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