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"Savushkin product" ready for production in Russia

The Belarusian dairy producer Savushkin Product is considering proposals for setting up production and building new factories in Russian regions, Savushkin Product General Director Alexander Savchits said in an interview with

"Offer and take plants in the regions of Russia, and to participate in the joint business, and in the construction of new plants. There are so many offers. We consider them "- he said.

"No longer strangers In fact, we in Russia. We - direct competitors PepsiCo and Danone's, and so we call, "- said Savchits. Savchits did not specify what specific agreements have to work in Russia.

"The Russian manufacturers are present in our country, and our production facilities in the Russian market yet. If the "Savushkin product" comes back, it will be a pioneer, "- he quotes the edition of Chief of the foreign economic activity of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexei Bogdanov.

The company has six brands, including "Savushkin", "Optimal", "SuperKid", "Na100yaschy", "Brest-Litovsk," "Tender Summer".

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