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SWA: a single EU is important for the Scotch whiskey market

Saving Britain's membership in the European Union (EU) is vitally important for the Scotch whiskey market, particularly for beverage exports, according to a joint statement by the British tax authorities and associations of producers Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).

"The problems of the global economic and political uncertainty ... saved. Extending the EU membership will help boost exports of Scotch whiskey to a single Euromarket and allow scotch benefit from lower tariffs and more equitable access to markets, which the EU has achieved at the expense of negotiations on free trade agreements with countries around the world ", - said in a release .

A referendum on UK membership in the EU will be held 23 June. According to polls, the number of supporters and opponents of Brexit is about the same. In the context of the upcoming referendum, SWA pointed out that about 40% of the total shipped Scotch whiskey was exported to the EU in 2015, which underlines the importance of a single market. Membership in the EU, according to the organization, is also vital for the continued growth of Scotch whiskey exports. In just a year, 2015 exported 3,86 billion pounds sterling (5,5 billion dollars) in customs value, showing signs of recovery after a slight decline in recent years.

In-kind Scottish export terms decreased by 2015% in 2,8 year before 1,16 billion bottles, in terms of value - to 2,4%, slowing to fall in 7% in 2014 year, while it is still on 56% higher than 10 years ago .

Exports of Scotch in the United States totaled 2015 749 million pounds, Japan - 76 million pounds, Mexico - 115 million pounds in Turiyu - 53 million pounds in China - 41 million pounds. Exports to Russia in 2015 year dropped significantly due to the slowdown in economic growth of the country, but more accurate SWA data not reported.

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