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Son of the prosecutor general was interested mushrooms

The company "Eco-region" to build in the Moscow region on the complex mushroom cultivation. This is reported by "Vedomosti", with reference to the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Moscow Region. According to the newspaper, the owner of 100% shares of the company listed in the Unified son of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, Igor.

It coincides with the TIN TIN owner 99% of LLC "Aqua Solid", which is also Igor Chaika. Seagulls representative confirmed the publication of its participation in the project.

According to the newspaper, Agro-Region plans to grow 12 000 t mushrooms and produce 37 000 t compost a year. Thus, the company plans to take 20% of the market for champignons in Moscow and the Moscow region, representative of Chaika explained to the publication. The company will operate under its own brand and is exploring the possibility of building a frost shop. It is expected that the complex will work in 2017, the project will be financed with its own and borrowed funds. The estimated payback period of the project is 5 years.

Currently Moscow power company selected area of ​​about 50 hectares in the south-eastern part of the Moscow region, said the publication Agriculture Minister region. The land under the complex will be presented in the rent without bidding - in accordance with the order of the governor, which allows delivery of a land rent under the large-scale investment projects.

According to analyst firm BusinesStat, mushroom production in Russia has increased by 2015 13% - up to 86 600 t The bulk of production (70%) falls on Moscow, Leningrad and Samara region.. The demand for mushrooms in Russia is much higher: for imported mushrooms in Russia, according to the chief editor of the "School of mushroom" Alexander bad, have to 85% of consumption.

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