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"Power Technology" will build a brewery in Obninsk

In the Kaluga region to build another brewery. The government of the Kaluga region and LLC "Power Technology» 14 November Kaluga signed an agreement on cooperation in the realization of the investment project for construction in Obninsk brewery.

Document was signed by the regional governor Anatoly Artamonov and General Director of "Food Technology" Dmitry Zuborev.

As a REGNUM correspondent was informed in the press service of the government of the Kaluga region, investment in the project will amount to about 900 million. The new production will be created about 40 jobs. To complete the construction of the plant is planned in the year 2018.

Capacity at the initial stage of the plant will amount to 5 million liters per year with the possibility of upgrading the plant to 15 million liters per year. Manufactured products - 4 beers (to bottle into glass bottles and kegs), as well as kvass, ice tea and juice, carbonated drinks, clean drinking water. The plant will be built in accordance with international and Russian standards of quality.

At the first stage, the company will produce four beers on traditional technology. In addition, the range will make soft drinks - fruit drink, kvass, ice teas and bottled water. At the heart of technology - a classic brewing, precluding the use of preservatives, enzyme preparations, sugar and other additives.

Kaluga Region Governor Anatoly Artamonov, welcomed the plans of the investor. Pomneniyu head of the region, it is important that "the company is focused on high quality production for lean technologies."

Add that in with the Kaluga plant 1998 years there brewer Efes Rus, which is among the four largest players in the Russian market (a division of Turkish brewer Anadolu Efes). The plant employs about 600 people.

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