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Titov: Russia must stop "giving away the fish"

Economic policy, based on the receipt of income from the oil sector, the process resembles a "distribution of fish", but at current oil prices, it is necessary to have a "bait", ie to develop production, says business Ombudsman, Chairman of the Presidium of the Stolypin club Boris Titov.

"I would like to note that today's economic policy has not undergone major changes since the time when the Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin was. Today it is still Kudrino policy. But it is making and distribution policy "fish" (ie - oil revenues). And we say that the "fish" is not and never will be just that oil will no longer provide us with the necessary amount of food, "- he said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"Therefore it is necessary to earn and to earn money, one must have a fishing rod, that is production. Create harvesters, tractors, sawmills, and create all this is just business. Therefore, our program Stolypin club - about fishing rods, tractors, machine tools, "- said Titov.

Among the measures that the club offers to its program - additional capitalization EXIAR. "Export Promotion, the final value-added products - another important area. Additional capitalization of existing or creation of new development institutions - through them, too, will be the growth of investments ", - said Titov.

In this context, we are talking about the Development Fund Industry (PDF), the Corporation for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. "The same funds can be created for the agricultural sector, capitalize AHML under the mortgage - money that today stand for a mortgage is very low. And the interest rate subsidies, the first payment on the mortgage brings a huge increase in the construction market ", - concluded the business ombudsman.

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