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Tkachev: European meat have nothing to do

Russia does not need European-made meat, because it has learned in recent years to produce cheaper, and at the same time it is not worse in quality.

On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, told reporters Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev.

According to him, the lifting of sanctions will change little in the structure of the Russian economy. "You probably know, for some time we have been, can be, in illusions, including the fact that here if the sanctions will be removed, then we are lost again, it will be much worse than our farmers. You know, I think that is not so ", - the minister said.

Tkachev noted that learned to produce enough competitive foods in Russia, this contributes to the devaluation of the ruble. "And so even if we are now all open visor, as they say, and here come the French and German beef pork, it will already be at a price significantly higher and the quality is the same," - said the Minister.

Given the logistics, which will only increase the cost of shipping products to the Russian market power, it will be possible to achieve good competitiveness, according to Tkachev. "This means that European meat is to do, in fact, nothing" - he said.

28 April Tkachev said that Russia has become a world leader in the supply of wheat.

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