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Trademark recognized as well known taste of victory

Rospatent, according to a statement from Pobeda Confectionery Factory LLC, recognized the Pobeda of Taste trademark in the Russian Federation as well-known, according to the materials of the patent office.

The brand is a combined designation consisting of the word “Victory” made in the original font of the Russian alphabet, under which is the word “taste”, made in smaller letters, with all the word elements located on the background of a horizontally oriented polyhedron.

An application was filed for goods of class 30 of the International Classification of Goods and Services (confectionery). The factory motivated its statement by the fact that legal protection for the brand was provided in most CIS countries. In addition, Pobeda noted that the vast majority of consumers know the trademark (74% of respondents, according to the Laboratory of Sociological Expertise of the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Rospatent with the above arguments accepted and recognized brand well known.

The legal protection of well-known trademark is valid indefinitely. In addition, the legal protection of well-known trademark applies to goods, non-uniform with those for which it is recognized as a well-known, if the use of another person of the trademark in respect of goods will be associated by consumers with the owner of an exclusive right to the well-known trademark and can infringe on the legitimate the interests of the owner.

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