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In the salmon grown in the fish farm, showed stress

Salmon, farmed rather than in vivo, and shows the behavior of "chemistry" of the brain, both in humans, which arise when depression and anger. These are the findings of a recent study, has studied animal welfare and ways to treat mental disorders in humans.

A new study partly explains why many fish farms "to lose the fish." This is reflected in the fact that they grow slowly and languidly float at the surface of the tank, "as if wanting to die", the scientists say.

"I would not throw loud phrases, saying that they commit suicide, but from a physiological point of view, they are on the brink. And because they are still in this environment, they eventually die because of their condition, "- explains the study's lead author Marco Vindas (Marco Vindas) from the University of Gothenburg.

Vindas and his colleagues have made such conclusions after studying healthy and slowly growing fish on a commercial farm Atlantic salmon, situated in the west of Norway. All the fish were grown in accordance with the standards of production, then they were put to sleep and analyzed, focusing on brain chemistry and levels of stress hormone - cortisol.

In organisms "sad" fish scientists found a large amount of cortisol and increased activation of brain serotonergic system. This is the main nervous system, which regulates the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the body of fish and other animals, including humans. It is involved in the process of respiration, sleep, stress response, mood swings and much more. Problems with the operation of the system may be associated with different mental disorders, including depression.

The researchers found that the fish appears to be the highest level of stress that they are generally able to tolerate. After a certain time in this state, some are beginning to experience a health problem that affects the growth, and then fall into a state of apathy.

"Farmer fish live in a very tense atmosphere, because the conditions in the workplace is very different from the places where they live in their natural environment", - says Vindas. He explains that the fish must endure "a large number of neighbors in a cage", a different treatment, vaccination - all this may lead to over-activation of the serotonergic system.

As a result, a large number of salmon does not even reach market. Some creatures are dying due to stress, researchers say. In addition, "poor in spirit" fish are often full of stress hormone, so employees manufactures just throw it, because it does not meet the criteria for market production.

According to the author of the work, it is a big problem for the farmers who suffer losses actually due to a nervous state of the fish. For this reason, they are interested to see how this problem could be solved.

But, according to biologists, the fish does not get enough attention on the issue of animal protection. And this despite the fact that "the system of fish brain has a lot of similarities with the brain of a mammal, including humans," said Vindas.

He adds that understanding how these animals feel the world around us, we can provide them a better quality of life. "In addition, we will also be able to better understand the workings of his own brain, which ultimately can lead to a breakthrough in the field of biomedicine," - he concludes.

The study is published in the scientific journal Royal Society Open Science.

We add that recently "Vesti.Nauka" reported that methods of killing fish caught in the ocean as a strong influence on its quality. Besides, ecologists have found that in developed countries, more than half of the fish, which is on the shelves, finally thrown in the trash.

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