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Students 150 schools will be able to pay for food hands

Sberbank 2016 before the end of the year plans to launch a biometric payment system of power in Russia 150 schools. On Thursday, September 15, the senior managing director of payments and transfers of the bank Igor Mamontov, transfers Rambler News Service.

Photo: RIA Novosti

The system is currently operating in 10 schools in Moscow and Voronezh regions, as well as in the Ivanovo and Cheboksary (Chuvashia). With it, students will be able to pay for meals in school canteens, without using cash, stressed Mamontov. The system reads the vein pattern in the palm of your hand, and converts it into a digital code. At applying the palm to the terminal with the electronic wallet is debited the amount of money the parents, a representative of Sberbank said.

With innovations parents monitor attendance and child nutrition. "All the information [about this] enters the personal account", - he explained.

In the future, the expansion of capacity is planned biometric registration. For example, students can receive library books and recorded in the clubs, said Mamontov.

30 August Sberbank, MasterCard, Government of Moscow and the Moscow State University presented a multi-function campus card, which is an identifier of students and faculty on campus, the key to the digital services of the university and the city, as well as means of payment.

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