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Scientists are looking for new methods to combat obesity

Researchers from the Catholic University of San Antonio in Spain have discovered a novel compound that helps to cope with binge eating disorder, which leads to excess weight. Their findings are presented in an article published in repository.

One of the promising methods to combat obesity is to regulate appetite. It is known that the main role in the occurrence of hunger plays a pleasure center, one element of which is the nucleus accumbens. As shown, the activity of this structure, which is part of the limbic system, is associated with dependence (addiction) on tobacco and opioids. Therefore, scientists believe that the use of drugs designed to combat addiction, will help in the struggle with overeating.

Such a substance is bupropion - an antidepressant that is used for the treatment of nicotine addiction. However, the duration of its action is not sufficient for effective treatment. Another similar compound - varenicline - more efficiently, however, causes undesirable side effects. To find an alternative to both drugs suitable for the treatment of obesity, scientists are using computer algorithms searched all possible substances, whose form would be similar to the structure of varenicline in DrugBank data base.

It was found, he writes "to" that tsevimelin drug, which is used to stimulate the production of saliva, similar to varenicline its three-dimensional structure and biological activity. Scientists believe that this compound is able to interact with alpha-4-beta-2 nicotinic receptor as well as other drugs used against addiction. However, its effectiveness still needs to be confirmed in future studies.

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