Scientists: ice cream activates the brain

Japanese scientists from the University of Kёrin found that ice cream for breakfast significantly improves the human mental activity and brain performance. About the study reports Daily Mail.

In its work, experts offered participants begin each morning with ice cream, and the test passed several tests on the computer, which assessed the rate of reaction and analytical skills.

The head of the research team Professor Yoshihiko someone claims that a breakfast leads to a sharp stimulation of alpha waves in the brain of the participants.

According to the results of tests it revealed that the group that ate ice cream for breakfast, to cope with the job much better and faster. In this case, scientists believe that it is not in the delicacy, but simply that it is cold. In their opinion, it "shakes" the human brain, and quickly takes him out of the dream state. However, after replacing the ice cream to the other cold food positive effect was observed.

Currently, researchers can not say for sure, so it is an improvement of mental abilities, reports "to"

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