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Scientists: beer causes the decomposition of human bodies

According to the research conducted by Czech researchers from the University of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk in Brno, with regular consumption of beer has a very detrimental effect on the human body, according to TASS.

Scientists have long studied the properties and the effects on health and found that the systematic consumption of beer leads to degradation of internal organs and causes the most severe disease.

According to the head of the research project Grasgrubera Paul, the results can make many reconsider their attitude to beer - the beverage, considered a national in the Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and other countries of Central and Western Europe.

This scientist said that stories about the benefits of beer can be attributed to the field of mythology, as regular consumption of this drink face dangerous consequences for health.

According Grasgrubera, researchers have focused on the analysis of the Czech diet food, food and beverages they prefer, and came to the conclusion that the beer - the most destructive factor in the Czech diet. The use of this drink is much more harmful compared to any other product. Proof of this is - that the Czech Republic is the first place in the frequency of cancer of the spleen and kidney in Europe.

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