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US scientists: in man there is a sixth taste

It has long been believed that there are only four basic tastes - salty, sweet, sour and bitter. In 2009 year four of the diversified tastes of the fifth, called umami (the taste of high-protein substances), which translated from Japanese means "taste."

Now, scientists from the University of Oregon's claim that there is a sixth taste that is not in the list. According to them, write "News", complex carbohydrates such as starch, have a taste of its own and should be identified as a separate category of taste sensations.

Let us explain that complex carbohydrates consist of sugar molecules, assembled like pearls in a necklace. Food rich in complex carbohydrates is a vital source of vitamins, minerals and fiber for the human body.

According to experts, when complex carbohydrates are broken down by saliva, their chains fall into simple sugars. The latter were supposed to give a sweet taste. But American researchers have suggested that this is not entirely true. In their opinion, carbohydrates have their own unique taste. The researchers decided to test their theory: they offered volunteers to try different solutions of carbohydrates, and then asked what they tasted like.

Study leader Dr Lim Chuyun (Juyun Lim) in an interview to New Scientist says: "The test was called the taste" starchy ". For example, Asians noted that tastes like rice, the Europeans believed that tastes like bread or pasta. Some said that the taste is comparable to those as if they tried to flour. "

Then the scientists gave participants the substance of the experiment, which blocks the receptor language, recognizing sweet taste. And even after such "innovations" subjects are still distinguished between "flour" taste.

According to scientists, the results of the experiment show that a person can get a taste of complex carbohydrates before they fall to the sugar molecule. This conclusion gives the right to declare - in complex carbohydrates have their own taste. In addition, the study results suggest that a person's ability to recognize the taste is more complex than previously thought.

Dr. Michael Tordoff, a psychobiologist at the Monella Center for Chemical Senses, notes that “many people think that there are only five tastes, but others think that the list is incomplete.” By the way, the researcher himself is trying to understand whether calcium has a separate taste.

It is worth noting that this is not the first attempt to add to the list the sixth paragraph. So, previously, scientists from Purdue University in the US have assumed that fat, called "oleogustus" (oleogustus), have their own unique flavor.

However, any new taste can not immediately get "from the bench" in the main list. The new "player" has to meet strict criteria: have its own set of receptors on the tongue, to be recognized and cause a physiological response.

Researchers from the University of Oregon in order to prove his innocence, has yet to find a language receptors that are responsible for "starchy" taste. The scientists intend to continue working in this direction.

Now experts say that products with "starchy" taste, there is one weighty advantage - benefits for humans. Starch, for example, is a valuable source of energy. Accordingly, in the evolution of people we had to learn to respond specifically to the product, not the least trained to recognize the taste.

Dr. Lim adds: “I believe that for this reason people prefer complex carbohydrates. Sugar tastes good with a short-term effect, but if you offer chocolate or bread to someone, you are likely to choose the latest product for everyday use. ” The results of scientific work published in the journal Chemical Senses.

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