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Scientists cooked beer yeast XVIII century

Scientists from Queen Victoria Museum in Launceston (Tasmania, Australia's island) beer brewed using yeast 220-summer. It is reported by Daily Mail.

At the east coast of Australia, an international team of scientists discovered bottles of beer.

They were kept on the ship The Sydney Cove, sunk in 1797 year.

Using the recipe, in which beer is brewed in the XVIII century, experts have created a drink based on the yeast found preserved in bottles. According to one of the researchers Tarrouguda David (David Thurrowgood), he received a lighter shade, fresh flavor and an unusual taste. "These yeast hybrid steel baker's yeast, beer and wine. They are genetically different from hundreds of other species that can be found in Australia and around the world ", - he said.

As the director of the museum Malveni Richard (Richard Mulvaney), reports "to", the experts continue to study found yeast and plan to make other discoveries related to beer. "We as loans wines and the rest of the cargo from the ship," - said Malveni.

In October it was announced that scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the United States have recreated honey beer that is drunk tribes that inhabited the land of modern Germany 2500 years ago. Archaeologists have discovered a pot dated 450-400 years BC. The vessel contained ancient sediment braggots - beverage on the basis of barley, honey, mint, meadowsweet and yeast.

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