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Participants of the march said Peskov tractor

Tractor march participants from the Krasnodar Territory stated that they had sent an official appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reports. Thus, farmers responded to the words of the press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, who recommended them to send their request to the presidential administration.

One of the organizers of the march, Aleksey Volchenko, noted that they have documents confirming the fact of addressing Putin. “I hope that Vladimir Vladimirovich will nevertheless agree to listen to both sides, including farmers,” he said, noting that they hope to meet with Putin at a press conference.

Volchenko added that marchers have evidence of corruption in the Krasnodar Territory, and they want the president to send special commissions to the region.

September 7 Peskov said that Kuban farmers had to send an official appeal to the presidential administration to meet with Putin so that they could consider it. “So far, as far as I know, there have been no such appeals,” he said, noting that Putin regularly meets with representatives of the agro-industrial complex.

In late August, the Aksai District Court of the Rostov Region fined participants in a tractor run to Moscow. In addition, three activists were arrested on 10 days.

The march of Krasnodar farmers began on August 21. 50 people on 17 tractors and several passenger cars moved from the Kazan village of the Kazan region of the Krasnodar Territory towards Moscow. They were going to ask Putin to pay attention to the unfair, in their opinion, decisions taken by local courts. 22 August, when they were in the Rostov region, activists received an offer to meet with the Kuban authorities and stopped the march. The next day they were detained by the police.

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