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Ukraine will give the production of alcohol to private traders

The Ukrainian government has approved a draft law on the de-monopolization of the alcohol industry in the country. In particular, the document provides for the privatization of distilleries, according to RIA Novosti The bill will be sent to the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Taras country Kutovoy, the alcohol industry of Ukraine over 25 years I did not bring the "golden eggs" and now requires an investment in modernization. In addition, the industry needs a shadow closing plants, the newspaper "Today".

He added that the alcohol industry should be completely liberalized from January 1 2023 years.

According to the plan of the Cabinet, all the plants will be divided into two groups. The first group will include enterprises that produce food alcohol and alcohol products. They will be allowed to work in the market until 2022 year. The second group of enterprises, according to the minister, will include producers of technical alcohol and bioethanol.

This approximate revenues from privatization will amount to distilleries 5-6 billion hryvnia, and the shadow alcohol turnover fall to 12 percent from the current figure of more than 40 percent. Earlier privatization "Ukrspirt" government evaluated 200-400 million.

"Ukrspirt" is a major producer of alcohol in the Ukraine. It is a state monopoly in the production and sale of the product in the domestic and foreign markets.

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