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Ukraine plans to export 40 million tons of grain

Ukraine plans in the new marketing year (the period during the calendar year, during which the sale of goods of a certain range occurs), which began in July 2016, to export about 39,8 million tons of grain, including 14 million tons of wheat.

It is reported by UNIAN with reference to the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Taras Kutovogo.

“Now the supply of grain for the year is about 70 million tons, domestic consumption is 23,5 million tons. Total export potential - 39,8 million tons. That is, we are going a little bit plus last year, ”Kutovoy said.

He noted that at the moment Ukraine has already thrashed 38 million tons of grain. Of these, 25,5 million tons is wheat. Exports are projected at 14 million tons.

The Minister also added, reports RNS, that Ukrainian farmers have potential for development. “If agribusinesses will increase yield indicators by 20%, then the total harvest in the whole country will increase by 8 – 9 million tons,” said Kutovoy.

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