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Ukrainian in Crimea was sentenced for smuggling meat

Crimean court sentenced a Ukrainian businessman Nikolay Karpenko to 3,5 years in prison for smuggling of pork. As reported on Friday, May 27, the Russian Investigative Committee Directorate of the Republic of Crimea, it will also be obliged to pay a fine of 49 million rubles.

Businessman convicted of illegal movement across the border "strategic goods and resources on a large scale." The businessman also was accused of bribery.

Investigators found that from May to November 2014 imported into Russia forged documents pork worth more than 100 million rubles. In addition, through an intermediary, he transferred 30 thousand dollars to an employee of the Crimean FSB department to avoid being brought to criminal responsibility.

Serving a sentence Karpenko be in a penal colony.

Hearings against accomplices entrepreneur continues. As investigators have found, in addition to those involved in the trade of meat, in an organized criminal group consisted of three members of the Rosselkhoznadzor authorities, customs officer and officer of internal affairs agencies.

Karpenko was detained on November 21 2014, in Moscow's Domodedovo airport. As a result of the special operation of the FSB officers in Russia stopped the supply of contraband meat party worth several tens of millions of rubles through checkpoints "Armenian" and "Chongar" in the Crimea.

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