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Ukrainian beef gets into Russia through Belarus

Re-exports via Belarus Ukrainian meat, the import of which is prohibited from the beginning of the year 2016, estimated at least 100 million dollars, said RBC's head of Rosselkhoznadzor Sergei Dankvert.

According to him, the service identified a channel of illegal beef supplies through Belarus. "We found a channel of illegal shipments of beef. This could take a number of companies involved, while not exactly clear that this "George and Sons" - Dankvert said.

at least 2016 thousand. tons of meat, the head of the department in 10,5 year the company delivered to Russia. "Due to the illegal supplies they could earn up to 100 million dollars", - he said.

The Minister added that "two more companies are under suspicion" in the re-export of Ukrainian beef. "We understand, we do it", - assured Dankvert.

Rosselkhoznadzor has banned the supply of meat from the company "George and Sons" and will introduce a ban on the supply of products from other companies, if proved their involvement in the importation of products from Ukraine, said the head of department.

This year, he said, Belarus has increased the supply of beef to Russia to 20%. As of December 20 162 thousand tons of imported beef, a year earlier on the same date -. About 130 thousand tons.. "They could not understand - where is the increase in deliveries. Should have time to drop milk supply, but they have also increased ", - said Dankvert. But on the border of the Rosselkhoznadzor experts find the car with the meat, which are cut off the mark, he added.

"It is not necessary to supply us in Russia a sanctions products. Import of meat - the result of false certification, which is carried out several veterinarians [Belarus]. this could not happen without the participation of the authorities ", - said Dankvert.

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