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Uzbekistan has established fruit and vegetable export

Uzbekistan in January-March 2016 has increased the export of vegetables and fruits to 20% - up to 95,1 thousand tons, according to the materials of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic, made public on Wednesday.

"Taking into account the carry-overs from the beginning of the year 95,1 exported thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables ... the volume of exports has increased 1,2 times", - stated in the materials. According to the Ministry of Economy, the "RIA Novosti", for the development of material-technical base of the storage of fruits and vegetables in the first quarter of the country has created new 16 10,5 refrigerating chambers for thousands of tons of vegetables and fruits. According to the ministry, exports to Russia account for about 70-80% of exports.

The presidents of Russia and Uzbekistan last week discussed the perspectives of expansion of Uzbek agricultural supplies. According to the Russian side, the export of agricultural products from Uzbekistan increased 2015% in Russia by the end of the year 10, and the growth of the supply of certain goods amounted to more than 10%. During the meeting, the Uzbek President Islam Karimov said that the country is able to replace Turkey in terms of the supply of fruit and vegetables in Russia for the long term.

"The growth rate will be even higher, as the main season of vegetables and fruits will begin in late May," - told RIA Novosti "Uzagroeksport" specialized foreign trade company. According to the calculations of experts, among the main product groups can be distinguished growth tomatoes, apricots, grapes, cherries and melons.

As the constraints increasing the supply of fruits and vegetables to Russia from Uzbekistan, experts call high tariffs for its transportation through the territory of member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, a high quarantine measures during the passage of the customs border of Russia, as well as unprofitable supply of products in small quantities to retailers.

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