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Chocolate Factory can be liquidated in Belarus

If the authorities are still willing to endure the current losses of Brest brewers, manufacturers of carpets and household chemical goods, waiting for a positive market situation, the First Chocolate Company will most likely simply be liquidated, the newspaper reports. German wave.

The owners of the company, registered as a resident of the FEZ “Brest” about twenty years ago and known for the production of chocolate and confectionery products under the “Ideal” trademark, do not see any prospects for continuing their work, and negotiations with new investors did not yield results.

At the moment, the debts of the First Chocolate Company amount to 39 billion Belarusian rubles, while the value of the property is estimated at 34 billion. A former employee of the enterprise, Ekaterina Savelyeva, told DW that at first they set a shorter schedule for employees, then they began to send them on unpaid leave, but this did not save the situation.

"Since the company is completely private, the officials considered that during the crisis it is better to support other confectionery factories with benefits and preferences - the same Kommunarka or Spartak, where the situation is under the president's personal control," Savelieva shared her opinion.

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