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Belarus has reduced the excise tax on spirits

Belarus before the end of the year 2016 reduced excise duties on spirits. This is stated in the decree of the President of the number 396 28 October "On establishing the excise rates on certain excisable goods, price groups of filter cigarettes."

The document is published on the National Legal Internet Portal.

The rate of excise duties on alcoholic beverages by volume of ethyl alcohol 7% and more (with the exception of alcohol, fruit wines fortified vintage, improved quality and special process, wines, fruit and berry natural, tasting natural, including sparkling, champagne, sparkling and effervescent, cider, beer, beer cocktails, alcohol solutions) is set at 13,45 rubles per liter hundred percent ethyl alcohol contained in the finished product. Previously, the size of the excise tax was equal to 14,1 ruble.

The decree comes into force after its official publication.

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