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In Britain, the thief was given "fastfudovskie" briefs

British police managed to catch the robber through only one clue - his unusual cowards. This is the website of the British version of the newspaper Metro.

As the newspaper writes, Darren Machon (Darren Machon) climbed into the house of a British woman early in the morning, but the hostess discovered him, after which the failed robber was forced to flee.

For questions about the police attacker omens she replied that she remembered only his underwear. He was wearing white shorts from Topman store with pictures of burgers, hot dogs, donuts and French fries.

On the same day Mechona arrested for dangerous driving and taken to the same police station, in which the victim applied. Guardian of the order previously took testimony from women who said that Mechona pants fit her description.

"This is an active criminal who spend several years in jail, where he belongs. I have no doubt that during this time he will remember how to put on your lucky underwear that day, "- said the constable criminal police Darren Bowen.

August 30 34 Mechon received months in prison and was deprived of his rights to 41 month.

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