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In two states in India have passed excitement over water

Residents of the Indian state of Karnataka ransacked, after being called to share the water with the inhabitants of the neighboring region. During the dispersal of the riots the police shot and killed one of thugs.

On Tuesday, September 13, reports "to" reports referring to The Independent.

The reason for the unrest was the decision of the Supreme Court of the country he has ruled that the government of Karnataka have to open the dam on the Cauvery river to another state - Tamil Nadu - up to 20 September every second received by 330 cubic meters of water. The Government of Karnataka say that the water they need for irrigation of lands, because they impede the flow of the Kaveri using dams. In Tamil Nadu have argued that because of this, the state can not by itself cope with the irrigation of lands.

In September, in the south of India, the rainy season ends, and regions begin to suffer from drought. His contribution to the difficult situation and contributes to global climate change.

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