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In Finland, the company's factory burned CandyWell

On Wednesday, the CandyWell factory in Kivijärvi (Finland) with an area of ​​900 sq. Meters burned to the ground. The factory made various candies.

- In the morning they knocked on the door, they said that the factory was on fire.

This was a big shock for the owners of a family business, says CandyWell Executive Director Vesa Hurme.

The most popular products of the company are candies called “Rusty cars”. Candy "Nitro", "Lokomotiv" and "Fruit bomb" are also popular.

“There are enough sweets in the warehouses for about two weeks,” says Persimmon.

According to Hurma, the company will have to build a new building and purchase new equipment.

- We will try as soon as possible to resume the production of chocolates in Kivijärvi. Probably, we will conduct negotiations with representatives of the municipality on the possibility of obtaining a new production facility. Another question is how quickly we will get new equipment, says Vesa Hurme.

The equipment is partially designed by the company. According to the estimation of persimmon, the losses from the fire can reach one million euros.

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