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In Iceland, there was a beer on sheep dung

The owner of the Borg Brugghus brewery in Iceland has established a beer production on sheep manure. Reports about it on Thursday, November 24, FlashNord.

The product called Surtr №30 not only appealed to importers, but also won a gold medal in the “Smoked Strong Beer” category of the international European Beer Star competition.

The owner of the brewery Sturleygur Björnsson explained that manure is not added to the drink itself, but it is used for a fire on which the malt is smoked. “I adore smoked meat, and for a very long time I dreamed of creating a beer, for which the malt should be smoked using the traditional Icelandic method,” he said.

Björnsson added that he had improved the recipe for several years. However, full-scale production was launched only after a beer was liked by a representative of an American importer company.

Surtr beer №30 named after the character of the Scandinavian mythology jotun Surt - the lord of the kingdom of fire giants.

Manure is used in Iceland for fuel because of a shortage of wood. It also smoked traditional meat delicacies.

The owner of an Icelandic brewery is not a pioneer in creating original beer recipes. So, the Japanese in 2013 brewed beer for elephant dung. The drink, produced by a limited edition on April Fool's Day, was sold out in a matter of hours, writes.

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