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In Spain cultured "black diamond"

In Spain, the truffle, also known as black diamond due to the cost and rarity, took a fancy to the province of Aragon. When in the middle of 1950 years thence, peasants began to find this fungus, they are simply thrown away, taking the rotten potato.

Later, they started selling truffles to neighboring Catalonia, as well as to France, but for nothing.

Decades later, the Money magazine writes, Aragonese realized the true value of the truffle, but in the 1980s its population declined - probably due to improper collection. After that, the Spaniards thought about the cultivation of the fungus by planting trees, on the roots of which lives a truffle.

José Vicente Jiron Koskoy, head of the Aragon Association of Farmers and Truffle Gatherers, notes that in the 1999 year, at the time the organization was created, it included human 24, and 50 ha was allocated to the fungus. However, the results of the association became visible only in the 2013 year, and the season 2014 / 15 was really fruitful. Today, the number of members of the organization has reached 270, and truffle is cultivated on 1,3 thousand hectares.

One of the pickers, José Arasants, started working on truffles at the age of nine and bought gum with the money he received - that was 15 years ago. Now he cultivates a plot of about one hectare, and a Labrador helps him dig up mushrooms.

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