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In Italy we prepared for the longest pizza in the world

In Naples Italian baked longest pizza, reports The Local in the world. Her length was 1854 meters.

We participated in the record 250 chefs who prepared 11 six hours and minutes.

In order to fulfill our plans, the Italian masters took more than two thousand kilograms of flour, 1,6 thousand kilograms of tomatoes, two thousand kilos of mozzarella cheese, two hundred gallons of olive oil and basil 30 kilos.

Culinary achievement was recorded by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records, and then cut into pieces of the dish were given several charities for needy residents.

According to Neapolitan pizza chefs Marinachi Alessandro (Alessandro Marinacci), the desire to break the world record was a matter of principle, as local chefs dream to defend the honor of his native city. The previous record was recorded in 2015 in Milan.

Naples considers itself the birthplace of classical Italian pizza, writes "". The city began to prepare the first variations of this dish in the 1520-ies, after tomatoes were imported into Europe. Since then, the recipe has changed, and now Italian cuisine lovers are offered dozens of kinds of pizza with various ingredients. However, the cooks of Naples still use the traditional method.

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