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In China, the pig farmer forced to play sports

A Chinese farmer taught his pigs to dive from the tower to improve their health and get more tasty meat. This November 15 reported the publication of the Daily Mail.

Huang Deming from Hunan Province has been driving pigs from his farm for four years. Every day he takes them to the nearest pond and drives them to a three-meter tower. Animals jump from it into the water, and then make several laps around the pond.

The farmer believes, writes “,” that such exercises develop the immune system of pigs, so they are less likely to get sick. In addition, from jumping and swimming in animals increases appetite. As a result, they eat more and grow faster. According to Demin, the meat of "sports" pigs tastes better and has a more pleasant texture.

Earlier Wednesday it was reported that conditions of detention affect the mood of the pigs. Scientists have found that animals living in comfortable and bright rooms, more often expect good. Close enclosure and thin straw bedding make experimental into pessimists.

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