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In China, found a brewery age 5 th. Years

A group of archaeologists discovered during the excavations in the Chinese province of Shaanxi everything necessary for making beer: the age of earthen vessels with traces of barley, hops, grain and root crops exceeds 5 thousands of years.

As noted in the journal US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this find was the oldest evidence of brewing in the territory of modern China.

Archaeologists were especially impressed with barley: earlier it was believed that this grass was used for food in China at least a thousand years later.

Scientists still do not know in what proportions the ingredients were mixed, in connection with which the taste of the ancient drink remains a mystery.

According to the guesses of archaeologists, writes the Russian service of the BBC, beer could be sweet and sour.

Ancient breweries of the same age as the basement in Shaanxi were also found in Egypt and Iran.

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