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In Crimea, cultivated a record number of mussels

Fish farms of the Crimea produced 2016 tons of commercial aquaculture products in nine months 322,6 year, which is 2,7 times more than last year. Indicators of this year have become record, reports Rosrybolovstvo.

In particular, this year 70,5 tons of mussels, 28,8 tons of oysters were produced. The production of marketable fish amounted to 223,4 tons, including 221,3 tons of carp, 0,55 tons of sturgeon, 1,1 tons of salmon, 0,5 tons of tilapia.

"Record results were achieved for the first time since gaining the status of the Russian peninsula, which is indicative of the significant potential of the Crimean aquarium and aquaculture", - the report says.

Currently, aquaculture in the territory of the Crimean peninsula has been the company 51, 46 of them registered in the Crimea, and five - in Sevastopol.

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