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In Latvia, to discuss the salvation of the sugar industry

Although Jelgava government and argues that proposals to rescue the Latvian sugar industry was not found in his opponents. "If neighboring farmers had the opportunity to reorient themselves back to the cultivation of sugar beet, of course we would be able to recover all of this, not too much time has passed.

However, now there are no signals that any investor is ready to rebuild the factory, "said the representative of the Eglava Duma Gunita Osit to the business newspaper Dienas Bizness.

According to the chairman of the Latvian Chamber of Agriculture Arthur Malta, the fate of the sugar factories could be quite different. And it is not true that Jelgava Duma were not offered the restructuring of sugar factories. Even before its demolition Professor Elmar Zelgalvis and Andris Sproģis developed a restructuring plan aimed at the production of sugar for the needs of the local beekeeping. The Chamber filed its proposal in Liepaja, which also has a sugar factory, but there is no support.

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