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In Latvia decreased production of beer

During the three months of the year in Latvia produced 1,537 million decaliters of beer, up 16% in less than three months, 2015 years, according to the State Revenue Service.

For three months, writes LETA, Latvia imported 1 692 489 decaliters of beer, up 5,52% lower than a year earlier.

On the intake transferred 2 916 031 decalitres of beer in this period that 8,49% in less than three months of the year 2015.

The volume exported from Latvia three months of beer decreased by 10,92% - if 2015 three months of the year the country was removed 204 035 decalitres of beer, then three months of this year - 181 763 decalitres.

small brewery status had at the end of March 2016 34, the merchant, who produced 20% of all beer in Latvia.

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