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In a world of increased demand for French sparkling wines

Exports of French wines in the first half of the year 2016 of the year reached a record level of € 3,5 billion, mainly due to increased demand for sparkling wines, Le Figaro reports data from the Federation of wine and spirits FEVS exporters.

Thus, according to RNS, exports of sparkling wines in six months 2016 of the year reached € 1,1 billion (plus 4%), classic - € 2,4 billion (minus 2%). Revenues from the export of strong alcoholic beverages increased by 4% and reached € 1,8 billion. In particular, export of brandy increased by 5%, vodka increased by 6%.

“Given the market competition, intermittent supply disruptions are a threat to the performance of our enterprises. This is especially true of wines, ”said the head of the Federation, Christoph Navarre. According to him, the most promising markets for French wines are the United States, Canada, Vietnam and China.

For 2015, the export of French wines reached € 7,9 billion, strong liquor - € 3,7 billion.

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