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In Moscow cafe coffee appeared Rusia

In Moscow cafe "Fox Hole" after the proposal of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev rename politically incorrect coffee American coffee appeared Rusia. Picture menu Instagram posted Pins Paul.

Rusia is much cheaper than the US.

Earlier 17 November it became known that the bar has taken into account the wish Yekaterinburg head of the government and developed patriotic menu. In addition to coffee "Americano - RUSIA" in the range of establishments have whiskey "Jora Denisov" (instead of Jack Daniels), a steak "Voronezh" (steak New York), cocktails Su-34, «Marina Grove" and "Biryulyovo» (B-52, Manhattan and the Bronx), and "lemonade Saratov» (Lynchburg lemonade).

A day earlier, Medvedev said that the name of the US coffee sounds politically incorrect, and proposed to rename the drink in "Rusia". Later it became known that the initiator rename coffee was Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan.

In November 2014 years in some of the Crimean cafe refused to name the US. So, in the name of the button coffee machines were replaced by "the Russians", and in one of the institutions "in connection with the unstable geopolitical situation" instead of "Crimean" American coffee was served.

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