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In Moscow at the height of the festival "Fish Week"

Fresh, salted, smoked, stuffed, dried - fish and other seafood for every taste, you can taste and buy in Moscow directly outdoors. All week in the capital's streets will be fishing festival.

The products of the company are treated citizens from across the country, "Vesti".

Photo: Neither more nor less - 350 liters fragrant soup. The culinary masterpiece boil right before our eyes. Food lovers are not lazy - stood in the queue, then to first assess the dish tastes.

"We use wild salmon - in this case, sockeye, we use the claw snow crab instead of wheat bulgur, I'll use" - chef Konstantin Ivlev spends on Kuznetsky Most open master class for guests gastronomic festival. Hour with a small - and of these delicacies will present Far ear.

"Potatoes and bulgur still cooked for much longer than the fish, so we have a little welded, so they opened a little bit," - says Konstantin Ivlev.

"There is some kind of a special taste, full-bodied. Maybe it's from the crab, "- says the festival visitor.

No less hype - at the kiosk with the famous Olyutor herring. It is again available. He has come a long way from the Gulf of Olyutorsky that in Kamchatka to Moscow and are now happy with their weight - each piece almost a pound - and delicate flavor.

"Its fishing has long been closed, about 30 years. And now it finally opened, and we brought it here, "- said in an interview to" Vesti-Moscow "CEO Irina Mihnova Fish Company.

The entire line of salmon - chinook, sockeye, coho, chum, pink salmon. All that is found in the Far East, is now - on the shelves of the capital.

“We extract it, process it in our own production and bring it here, to Moscow,” notes Irina Mikhnova. Do not overflow and at the shelves with fresh fish.

"Eyes run, because a lot of things. We have already weaned on the counter to see so many fresh, delicious "- recognized festival visitor.

To not make the wrong choice, look at your eyes, scales and gills.

"This is the first thing that spoiled the fish. The color should always be bright red, but not too much, because there are those who tints ", - says the chef Alexei Pavlov.

But how to determine the freshness of the octopus, not everyone knows.

"All the suction cups on the tentacles must be in place. The skin also should fully be on the octopus "- continues to Alexei Pavlov.

Kamchatka crab, oysters, sea urchins can be caught directly from the aquariums. At the Danilovsky market - though, like everyone else - on the domestic delicacies throughout the festival week there are special discounts.

“A lot of the Black Sea fish, which also goes under the stock, that is, at purchase prices. We will have a share on the Rostov fish. Our most famous fish is pike perch, which is not found anywhere else in the world, ”stresses Vladimir Zupinsky, senior administrator of the fish pavilion. Partners of the festival offer Muscovites ready-made fish dishes. Fresh smoked and salted herring pie looks delicious and costs less than usual.

Seven sites on the name of the Russian ports on each full week before 22 May - its rich program: marine attractions, a photo exhibition, a cooking school.

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