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In the Netherlands destroyed almost 200 thousand ducks

About 190 thousand domestic ducks have been destroyed in the Netherlands to prevent the spread of avian influenza. On Sunday, November 27, reports BBC News.

Elimination was carried out on six farms after the virus was found in biddinghuizen settlement located in 70 kilometers east of Amsterdam.

We tested all farms within a radius of three kilometers. sanitary zone with a radius of 10 kilometers also created, through which the transit of prohibited poultry.

Earlier H5N8 flu strain emerged in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Finland. The Dutch authorities have not yet said what kind of strain has been detected in Biddinghёyzene.

Avian influenza was first described by the Italian veterinarian Eduardo Perronchito in 1878 year called "chicken fever." The disease spreads among birds, is transmitted from birds to humans. There are such strains of avian influenza as H5N1, H5N9 and others.

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