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The owner of Auchan offices were searched

The offices of the French Mulliez group, which owns brands Auchan and Decathlon, France, Belgium and Luxembourg were searched, writes Le Figaro. The company is suspected of fraud with the aim of tax evasion, according to RNS.

The searches were conducted in May 10 specialized police teams with the participation of the central committee for the fight against corruption and financial and tax violations OCLCIFF.

Investigation of Mulliez conducted over eight months and was initiated following a complaint by a member of the family Mullen, standing in the leadership group, said sources close to the police. The searches took place at the place of legal registration Mulliez city Roubaix in northern France, at the office in Luxembourg, as well as the residence of the founder of the clothing brand Kiabi Patrick Mullen in Belgium.

Mulliez has represented also in the Russian chain stores Auchan, Decathlon, Leroy-Merlin, Kiabi. According to the calculations of the French business magazine Challenges, the group's founder Gerard Mullen - the fourth in the list of billionaires of France, its condition, according to 2015 years, is estimated at € 23 billion.

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