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In Russia, are preparing to test an unmanned tractor

All-Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization (VIM) and the company Avrora Robotics plan to test an unmanned module-sprayer. On Wednesday, September 21, reports TASS.

The device will be created on the basis of products of the Vladimir Tractor Plant.

Its control system consists of a set of automation for each tractor, dispatch center and a number of auxiliary systems. Use the novelty will be to handle the soil, sowing and planting different crops and take care of them.

"Now unmanned modules are mainly used in agriculture for monitoring. That is, if we can use drones to carry out processes, it will be in practice, the first Russian experience ", - said Igor Smirnov Scientific Secretary VIM. According to him, foreign robots that operate on their own, and do not control the process, are also rare.

The exact date of the beginning of the test is not known, but it is reported that it will occur during the fall.

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