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In Russia there will be "smart" advertising media

Smart "digital media advertising will appear in Russia, they will assess the flow of people nearby and on the basis of this show ads targeted to a specific audience, writes" BBC News. "

The project targeted a digital outdoor advertising company run oneFactor (georekomendatelnyh specializes in services, one of the investors - USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov) and communications group Media Direction Group, part of BBDO Group.

"The product is designed with programmatic-technologies that are actively used in online advertising. It enables real-time to assess the stream flowing beside the digital media people and to target advertising at them, showing that the interests of socio-demographic profile or other criteria chosen by the advertiser, "- the company said.

"Imagine that outdoor advertising will now appear" eyes. " We develop algorithms decide how to advertise, in what order and at what point, given who currently has the potential for contact with the advertising medium, and which ads this audience seen previously "on the Internet, - are reported to the general director of the words oneFactor Roman Postnikov.

The new technology allows Target to any target audience in all settlements of the Russian Federation, taking into account seasonal variations in traffic flows. The product is based on machine learning technologies and geospatial analysts oneFactor, which can measure and profile the flow of potential customers anywhere in the Russian Federation in the real time mode. For the analysis used as the standard parameters (gender, age, income), and a set of detailed behavioral factors - for example, the interests of the Internet.

"According to the pilot projects, while maintaining the same rating (TRP), you can increase the reach of advertising messages on 10-35% or savings mediabyudzheta, keeping the same coverage," - noted the company. Product launch a broad operation is planned for the end of the year 2016 - 2017 start of the year.

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