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In the US, he died ideologist of creating the Big Mac

The creator of the Big Mac sandwich Delligati Jim (Jim Delligatti) died in the US at the age of 98 years. On Wednesday, November 30, reports The Associated Press.

A spokesman for the restaurant chain McDonald's Kerry Ford reported that Delligati died surrounded by his family on Monday. Cause of death has not sounded, the "to"

Delligati was the manager of McDonald's franchise in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA). In 1967, he proposed to expand the standard menu - burgers, cheeseburgers, french fries and milkshakes - due to sandwich two cutlets. At first, the novelty was presented at local restaurants, and a year later joined the network menu across the country.

Internet portal McDonald's Wikia reports that in 1970 year Deligati invented the Egg McMuffin, which is supplied only in the mornings. Later this idea developed, and two years later a separate breakfast menu appears on the network restaurants.

Big Mac (sandwich with two patties, cheese, pickles and lettuce, served on a bun with sesame seeds, cut into three pieces) used The Economist magazine as the unit of measurement of the quality of life in different countries ( "Big Mac Index"), because it is popular and contains the main agricultural products of any country. In English-speaking countries, this approach is called "burgeronomikoy".

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