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In the US, 45 will kill thousands of wild horses for pasture

The US authorities decided to kill 45 thousands of wild horses in order to clear a place for pastures and farms on which cattle are raised. On Wednesday, 14 September, according to The Independent.

According to the publication, reports "," only in the United States live less than 50 thousands of wild horses, so the extermination of 45 thousands of them will cause irreparable damage to the animal population.

The killing of wild horses will be at the expense of taxpayers. When and how the killing of animals will be carried out is not specified.

Against the decision of the authorities advocate zoodefenders. They wrote the appropriate petition on At the time of writing, it was signed by more than 71 thousands of people.

Throughout 20, animal advocates regularly suggested considering the option of regulating the number of wild horses through birth control.

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