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The souvenirs called rumors the possible acquisition Swallowtail factory

Guide Yoshkar-Ola firms "Souvenir" denied information published in the media that gets closed confectionery factory "Swallowtail", whose property was recently put up for auction.

Information about buying candy factory surprised Guide Yoshkar-Ola company "Souvenir".

Its director, Valentina Shadrina, said that the information about the purchase of the Makhaon factory by the enterprise is just rumors, or someone’s speculation, not supported by real facts.

“We have enough of our equipment at the factory,” said Valentina Nikolaevna.

Recall that last year, “Makhaon” was fined for bread with “stuffing” from cockroaches. At the beginning of this (2016) year, information appeared that the workers of Machaon LLC were not allowed to work. Then it became known that the general director of Makhaon LLC lost his post for non-payment of salaries, was disqualified, and the bankruptcy proceedings were introduced at the enterprise. In August, Mariiskaya Pravda reported that a criminal case was opened for illegally obtaining a loan against Makhaon LLC.

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