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In Voronezh, launched a new production line of biscuits companies Kellogg Rus

The company "Kellogg Rus', one of the leading manufacturers of cookies, crackers and breakfast cereals in Russia, announces the opening of a new production line at the plant" Kellogg Rus "in Voronezh. On the square in 3 000 square.

m. will be made as already well-known and innovative companies in the cookie category. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Voronezh region Logvinov Viktor Ivanovich, Deputy Head of Administration of Voronezh Antilikatorov Alexei Alexandrovich and other representatives of the Administration of Voronezh and the Voronezh region, as well as the management of the company "Kellogg Rus".

The new Kellogg Rus production line is a comprehensive line for the production of cookies with an area of ​​3 square meters, which includes equipment for receiving, storing and preparing raw materials for production, as well as automated technological and packaging equipment that allows the production of various types of cookies in modern packaging formats.

Investments in the construction of a new line of made 310 million rubles. Its creation was rebuilt one of the workshops, "Kellogg Rus" plant, equipped with modern equipment of both Russian and European suppliers. Launching of the new line will double the volume of production of cookies to 36 000 tons per year, thus increasing the power of the factory "Kellogg Rus" in Voronezh, specializing in the production of biscuits and crackers.

“Russia is an important part of Kellogg's business. The expansion of production capacity in Russia is an obvious step towards achieving a growth plan in this market. The renewed Kellogg Rus production site in Voronezh will produce both well-known and innovative products in the category of cookies under the Lyubyatovo brand, ”said Vadim Melnikov, Director of the Kellogg Rus Supply Chain. Thanks to the launch of a new production line, we will be able to provide high-quality products to our customers in all regions of Russia and the CIS countries. ”

For the production of Lyubyatovo cookies, the company buys the highest quality ingredients, the main among which is selected grain from Russian fields. “We prefer local ingredients, developing cooperation with companies that grow them on their own,” Vadim continues. “At the same time, we place high demands on all our suppliers in terms of quality and production standards.”

Opening a new production line, Kellogg Rus makes a significant contribution to the development of the region as a major investor and a responsible employer - thanks to the launch of a new production line in Voronezh, 74 new jobs were created, thus, the total number of employees of the plant exceeded 520 people.

Being a company leading a socially responsible business, Kellogg Rus takes care of all aspects of the economic and social life of the region. Within the framework of the corporate social-oriented program "Breakfasts for a Better Start of the Day", launched in 2013, the company provides support to those in need throughout Russia. In particular, in Voronezh the company carries out regular transfer of products to needy families on a monthly basis; Provides breakfast for schoolchildren from low-income families as part of the "Breakfast Club" program (currently 134 schoolchild at 2 schools in the Voronezh region receive breakfast every school day); And also provides food support to needy children and families as part of the annual charitable campaign "Lyubiatovo" with the involvement of consumers during Lent and thanks to volunteer programs with the participation of company employees. "Kellogg Rus" plans to further support the neglected social initiatives.

The new Kellogg Rus production line is:

Investments - 310 million rubles. Total area - 3000 sq.m. Production volume - 18000 tons per year; 74 new jobs. Tweet

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