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The substance of chili win chronic pain

In the world there are about a quarter of a billion people who have to live with chronic pain of varying degrees. In severe cases, doctors usually resort to surgery.

But more often the desire to defeat chronic pain pushes people to use of opioids - substances that are inherently drug, addictive.

For example, in the United States, an opioid epidemic is currently flourishing, one of the main causes of which is chronic pain. Every day, doctors prescribe about 650 thousand prescriptions for dangerous drugs. The state in all possible ways tries to limit the use of these drugs, which leads to the fact that the drugs necessary for many are simply inaccessible. This pushes people into the abyss of despair and makes them resort to real drugs. The statistics are inexorable: every day 580 people start taking heroin on this basis and 78 die from an overdose.

Many of these “drug addicts” are ordinary people who simply wanted a normal quality of life and could not cope with the acquired addiction (often acquired imperceptibly for the patient himself). The American company Centrexion Therapeutics, based in Boston, is developing new safe treatments for chronic pain from moderate to severe. Their goal is to fill in the gaps in the existing treatment approach and deduce addictive drugs from it in order to increase its effectiveness.

And here it appears on the scene well-known chili. At the heart of the latest product of the company, which was the working title CNTX-4975, it is an analgesic substance capsaicin, which is found in large quantities in a spicy vegetable and provides its memorable taste. CNTX-4975 - is a synthetic version of capsaicin injection.

In an official press release, the company announces the successful trials of a drug for the treatment of Morton's neuroma. It is an abnormal thickening of the nerve obschepaltsevogo foot, causing pain between the third and fourth finger. Another disease of pain in which can save a new drug - osteoarthritis.

Both diseases - a chronic condition for which there are no effective non-surgical treatment. But even in the case of surgical intervention in the majority of cases, patients have to take opioids for postoperative pain to numb.

At this point, "Vesti" write a new drug is the second stage of clinical trials on patients suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee and demonstrates a fairly high efficiency.

"Our tests show that CNTX-4975 has the potential to form the basis of non-narcotic and non-surgical methods for the treatment of pain in osteoarthritis, which eventually allow patients to return to usual activities, for example, such as walking up the stairs," - says Randall Stevens (Randall Stevens), the chief doctor of Centrexion Therapeutics.

The new drug could be the salvation not only for people suffering from chronic pain, but also for animals, they are also exposed. Osteoarthritis of the knee is not uncommon, for example, among dogs.

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